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One of the primary requirements for catering departments in commercial, industrial and other settings is with regards to their sinks and hand basins. Of course, having appropriate sink units for your area is a good thing in terms of hygiene, proper food prep and general cleanliness. Here at ACE UK, we offer you the options to upgrade your catering sector with high-quality commercial stainless-steel sinks and stainless-steel hand basins. These are pieces you can add into your stainless-steel wall cabinets with great convenience.

It is worth noting all of our sinks and hand basins have certification from the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). If you are looking for the ideal units to incorporate into your kitchen, we have just the right sinks and hand wash basins for you. Since our establishment in 1961, we have always focused on offering the very best to commercial and industrial catering departments. This is something that has given us a great understanding of the many challenges and needs of these areas.

Our stainless-steel sinks and hand basins fully meet all of the requirements you may have in your kitchens. For instance, with our easily maintainable stainless-steel sinks and hand basins on a stainless-steel wall table, you won't have to worry about cleanliness being a problem. The stainless-steel allows for easy and quick cleaning, suitable for very busy catering areas. These are certainly units you can incorporate into any kitchen. They are ideal for the complex and fast-paced environments of catering areas.


The increased workload and frequent usage of the sinks and hand basins is another factor we consider as we select and stock the catering equipment. We take care to ensure you get a durable fit you can use for long. The long-lasting commercial stainless-steel sinks and stainless-steel hand basins come with a sturdiness that perfectly suits ranging commercial catering sector needs.

We have become specialists in stocking the kind of strong and long-lasting pieces your catering department requires, with our superior quality commercial stainless-steel sinks and stainless-steel hand basins offering a variety of impressive designs. The aesthetic quality of these sinks allows you to incorporate them into any catering setting. You can contact us to request assistance with the selection of any sink and/or hand basin. Take a look at our broad collection of sinks, we are certain you will get a suitable one for your area. We have lots of commercial stainless-steel sinks and stainless-steel hand basins with proportions and features such as:

- 18 gauge (1.2 mm) 304 grade stainless steel tops for all sinks

 - Complete swirl guards and overflow pipes sink bowls

 - 18 gauge (1.2 mm) 304 grade stainless steel for all sinks undershelves

 - Easy-clean round stainless steel legs

 - Stainless steel adjustable bullet feet

 The extras and options on the sinks that offer further flexibility include:

 - Sink height can be altered at any height below 914 mm

 - Undershelves can be replaced with 3-sided stainless-steel tie-bar for clear under operation

 - Bullet feet can be upgraded to flanged feet which can be bolted to the floor for increased stability

 - Feet can be exchanged for set of four 127 mm diameter polyurethane castors, (two which come with brake)

 - Pillar taps mixer taps pre-rinse unit’s options


Buying commercial stainless-steel sinks and stainless-steel hand basins from ACE UK is a smart move. In addition to the fact that we offer only the highest quality commercial stainless-steel sinks and stainless-steel hand basins, we also have very competitive prices. We have, over the years, accommodated the varying budgets of many different clients. You can also get a discount through the purchase of sink and hand basins units in bulk.

Our experience is built from the many national and regional companies we have supplied robust sinks and hand wash basins to. Our firmly established catering equipment supplier service is able to create a strong relationship through reliable customer service. We usually respond swiftly to enquires and orders. Our delivery service across the UK is very quick. We even offer a next-day delivery service for many locations.

You can call or email us for details on any queries or orders. Our customer service team will be able to respond to you and offer swift assistance. If you need detailed information about our commercial stainless-steel sinks and stainless-steel hand basins, our staff can offer all the details you need to help you make a selection. Order from ACE UK today and receive superior quality stainless steel sinks and hand basins at affordable pr