Commercial Stainless Steel Tables & Stands

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As an established catering equipment supplier in the UK, we have just the right selection of stainless-steel tables and stands for all of your commercial and industrial catering setups. ACE UK has been selecting, stocking and supplying superior quality tables and stands for decades, with all of our items made to fit the fast-paced environment of modern kitchens in industrial and commercial kitchen facilities throughout the UK.

Since 1961, when we established our catering equipment supplier, we have focused on the needs of catering departments across the country. Our experience with many different types of catering areas has enabled us to provide the ideal commercial stainless-steel tables at a range of budgets. Our stock is made up of a wide variety of stainless steel tables designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, assisting you in achieving a safe and hygienic kitchen or food preparation area environment, despite many activities in the area.

As a catering department manager or supervisor, you will certainly appreciate why a stainless-steel table with shelves could be an ideal fit for your kitchen area. We offer a selection of catering equipment that is ready to handle the busy nature of modern kitchens and food preparation areas. This is why we have stainless steel work table selections ideal for such settings. So, whether you need wall tables or centre tables, ACE UK will provide the ideal fit. You can even get a stainless steel table as a corner option to perfectly suit your specific workspace.


Considering the busy workload of kitchens and other food preparation areas in modern setups, you will require tables and stands that offer lasting performance quality. Here at ACE UK, we offer this quality in abundance, with our stainless-steel tables and stands made of superior quality and heavy-duty materials. The robust construction of our tables and stands suits every catering sector and their ranging needs.

Each and every stainless-steel table option in our range is certified by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). You can rest assured that we will be providing your catering sector with the appropriate tables and stands. Our options for strong and durable stainless-steel tables with shelves also have the aesthetic quality required to incorporate into your catering areas. Browse through our industrial and commercial stainless-steel tables, which can offer proportions, features and dimensions including the following:

- 16-gauge tops with 304-grade stainless steel

- Easy-clean round stainless steel legs

- Stainless-steel adjustable bullet feet

- Available in six different lengths and two different depths

The stainless-steel work table collection we have also accommodates various options and extras, allowing for maximum flexibility. You can alter the height of your stainless-steel table, while having a stainless-steel table with shelves is also far from limited. Each table can be fitted with more shelves. If you wish to achieve a clear under-table operation, you can replace the undershelves of tables with a 3-sided stainless-steel tie-bar. The adjustable bullet feet can upgrade to flanged feet, allowing more stability by bolting stainless-steel work tables to the floor.

This is perfect for kitchens with intense and busy work activities. The feet of the stainless-steel tables and stands can be exchanged with a set of four 127 mm diameter polyurethane castor, two of which have brakes. Our experience with many types of catering departments has led to stocking the ideal range of tables to fit the modern kitchen. The table drawer’s settings also come with options of:

- 1 drawer for 914 mm tables

- Up to 2 drawers for 1219 mm and 1524 mm tables

- Up to 3 drawers for 1829 mm tables

Over shelves are accommodated by all of the above range of table sizes. Should you have any problem choosing the ideal size or type for your tables, please contact us for advice. We have a sales hotline for a swift response to queries and requests and a friendly team of experts on hand. For over 55 years, we have supplied industrial and commercial stainless-steel tables to many clients. We have national and global companies who rely on us for the supply of the highest quality tables and stands.

We have a strict commitment to only supplying top-quality stainless-steel tables and stands. What makes us a leading option for many clients is that this quality is combined with our competitive prices for all of our products. Look out for special offers on select stainless-steel tables. If you're looking at buying a lot of tables for you entire catering department, you may be able to enjoy a bulk buy discount.

You can Contact Us using the details on our page for enquiries or orders. Here at ACE UK, we have an excellent customer service team and delivery options across the UK. If you wish, we can offer next-day delivery options in many areas. Call or email for details on our stainless-steel table with shelves and other stainless-steel tables.